YouHodler’s Month in Review: January 2019

Even though January is one of the longest months of the year, it went by incredibly fast. Even so, the YouHodler team made the most of each and every day. As a result, we have a lot of positive information to share with you regarding our progress this month as well as a sneak peek into the future. So let’s dive right into it.


As previously stated, January has been a huge month for us behind the scenes as well as in the public eye. Because of this, there are many of you out there in the community that may not be familiar with the complete YouHodler story. While YouHodler is a new platform, the team behind it are veterans in FinTech, FX and blockchain.

Before this project, this same team also developed, a unique blockchain based crowdfunding platform, back end infrastructure for the hot and cold wallets, and a liquidity custodian system for an active crypto exchange. After a year of hard work and moving pieces being shifted around, YouHodler officially came to be in November 2018. Besides being a revolutionary crypto loan platform, we were thrilled to integrate a fiat payment solution that is beneficial to you and the entire crypto market.

Since November, it has been a full on sprint. At the end of each week, we make it a point to implement something new based on customer feedback. All of the features you’ve come to know and love (80% LTV ratio, best list of collateral options, convenient fiat payment solutions etc.) are the results of your comments. So thank you for that and we look forward to improving our platform with your help.


We had a variety of notable occurrences during January 2019, and let’s first start with the Bitcoin Hash War. As many of you know, this hash war between Bitcoin Cash and the newly established Bitcoin SV split Bitcoin supporters even further apart. Yet, we wanted to bring them back together by offering both BCH and BSV on our platform as collateral options (which is an industry first). Shortly after that, we wanted to beak the industry boundaries again by offering the highest loan to value ratio on the market (80%). At this point, we had convenience and value covered but we wanted to see our transaction times speed up even more. For that reason, we felt it necessary to integrate USDT automated payments into our platform.

Offering USDT as both pay-in and payout option makes for near instantaneous transaction times. For those that want to choose fiat as a withdrawal option, we’ve made that more convenient as well with both EUR and USD.

On the security side of things, we have ramped up our features to include two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as a number of hidden security features for increased protection. This also coincided with platform improvements to the speed, execution and UI/UX. Simply put, YouHodler is now safer, faster and more efficient.


January was such a productive month for our team and our community. We want to continue this positive momentum going into February and we’ve implemented big plans to do so. In the following weeks, we will continue our marketing initiatives to expand our platform throughout 30+ countries including Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, the UAE, Mexico and much more. As a result, we will also add more fiat loan currencies this month in addition to EUR and USD. Details on that coming soon.

In addition to more fiat options, we will keep going with our growing list of crypto collateral options. We’ve surveyed the community to see which cryptos should take priority and at this moment, it looks like XLM is next in line. Join our Telegram group to get your voice heard and we’ll listen! Furthermore, more expansive loan terms are coming as well as more partnerships that will help us improve the platform and grow our community.

In the spirit of transparency (and just pure excitement) we’re thrilled to have shared all this news with you. Thank you from YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov and the rest of the YouHodler team! We plan to announce “progress reports” like this each month so follow our blog, join our Telegram group and take part in the conversation!

Have a great weekend everyone!