YouHodler Month in Review: February 2019

YouHodler Month in Review: February 2019

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it felt like a long one here at YouHodler due to all breakthroughs we experienced. Currently, we are right on track with our roadmap to bring increased convenience, improved functionality and more profitability to our user base. So let’s take a quick glimpse back at our progress through February and also a sneak peek into what’s to come next month.


The biggest news to come through last month was our addition of the Euro to YouHodler. Seeing as our European userbase has been our most supportive by far, we wanted to meet this demand with a EUR wallet for more convenience. After choosing from our many crypto collateral options, users can receive a USD or EUR fiat loan with the option to pay back the loan in EUR as well. This addition combined with USD and Tether (USDT) makes YouHodler accessible to everyone worldwide, but we are not stopping there. As we mentioned before, we hope to add more fiat options to our platform as the demand from Scandinavia and Latin America is growing quickly.

Following this announcement, we reached yet another milestone by being featured in some of the industry’s most popular publications. If you haven’t already, take some time to see these articles on CoinTelegraph, CryptoPotato and more.


If you navigate to our landing page, you’ll see a new feature there entitled “Affiliates.” Clicking that button will bring you to our new and improved affiliate program that lets users earn a monthly, passive income from YouHodler.  Benefits of our affiliate program include:

  • Simple Sign Up: Just open an account with us to get your referral link and start earning interest.
  • Priority Support: Get all the necessary materials and audience insights
  • Regular Payouts: Weekly-based payouts in crypto, USDT or fiat.

Depending on how many loans your referrals take, you can earn 1-3% off each loan amount taken. On average, that could mean a 4,000 EUR monthly, passive income. To learn more about this exciting new opportunity, be sure to visit our Affiliates page and sign up.


Partnerships are an essential aspect of growth in any industry. That’s why YouHodler spent a great deal of time during February to form strategic relationships with BCH explorer and a variety of mining communities. Not only will these partnerships help to spread the word about YouHodler, but it will help those organizations better serve their user base and the crypto community on the whole.


As a team that values innovation, we want to continue to push the competition with new features in the coming month. Due to popular demand, we plan to add XLM, DASH, and ZEC to our growing list of crypto collateral options. So if you’re a HODLer of those coins and want cash without selling them, then March will be a great month for you.

To further improve our payout process, YouHodler will add credit card payouts for all users. Once this feature is enabled, users can simply log in, add your credit card of choice and receive a loan directly to said card. When it comes time to repay your loan, then there is yet another addition you will enjoy.

Last but certainly not least, loan repayments in crypto and “crypto-to-crypto conversion” are also on the “to-do list” for March. Therefore, you have more options to pay back your loan within minutes and not involve any banks at all if you choose.

We will have more details on all the aforementioned updates and new partnerships as the month continues, so be sure to watch our blog and all social media channels for that news.

As always, thanks for your continued support of YouHodler and have a great weekend!