Meet Alex Vinny: YouHodler From the Tech Point of View

Meet Alex Vinny: YouHodler From the Tech Point of View

This week, we are continuing our series of YouHodler team introductions with our Product Manager Alex Vinny. Alex’s reputable design experience and distinctive tone are one of the main reasons for our success thus far. So let’s take a couple minutes and get to know a key member of this talented team.


After graduating from Altai State Technical University in 2007, Alex embarked on a design career that quickly saw him rise throughout the ranks of international organizations. Alex got his start with the FXClub Group of companies in 2010 as a Graphic Designer where he was in charge of website design. In addition, he performed at several large conferences regarding HTML5 user interfaces. Using this experience, Alex was able to transition to a new role at Forex Club as a Product Designer.


In his new position, as a part of the companies Growth Hacking Team, Alex helped to increase Libertex conversion rates of 50% on desktop and 150% on mobile devices. Here, Alex lead mobile app design for the new Latin America and Western European markets. Today, this app has more than 10 million downloads.

Using his knowledge of international finance and product design, Alex set off into the world of blockchain technology where he remains today.


From day one, many of our users have asked: “From the tech point of view, what makes YouHodler unique compared to other crypto backed lending platforms?” We spoke with Alex regarding this topic, who gave us a unique perspective on the inner workings of YouHodler. For one, we have a react-based front end which is what makes us one of the fastest platforms on the market. On the back end, we use a micro-service approach. All of this is broken into small pieces which minimize server load and speed up functionality for our users. Seeing as we have 7+ different blockchains with many resources, it’s important to be as streamlined as possible.

From the UI/UX perspective, we compiled the top insights from some of the industry’s most valuable players as well as the client’s feedbacks to deliver an outstanding experience. Every week, we run agility tests and have been adding new features regularly since our launch in November. Since releasing our MVP, we’ve totaled over 15 new features to the platform with more to follow.

Our latest big feature was the new fraud predictions system which has been outstanding in protecting our clients. Every new feature we release is used immediately by our clients and make it a point never to release useless additions. So who are the brains behind this efficient technology?

What sets us apart the most from our competitors is our engineering team. All members of these team are crypto-nerds in their respective field. All own crypto and some of them have advanced experience in mining as well. This helps us understand the clients needs better and deliver a product we know they want to see. All in all, our team is spread in over 5 different time zones with blockchain experience totaling over 20 years and banking/software development experience over 50 years. They all know what it takes to deliver a great product to the world and they’re doing it again with YouHodler.

Thanks for reading our latest team introduction blog post and keep an eye on our social media and follow our blog for more like this in the future. Thanks for your support!