HODL With Profit: YouHodler Offers 90% LTV in Celebration of “Crypto Spring”

YouHodler Offers 90% LTV in Celebration of

The Crypto Spring is finally here! Prices in the crypto market are on the rise and we wanted to help you all take advantage of it. That’s why we are proud to introduce a new, limited time offer for all users.

Available now, users  can choose from a special tariff option called “Crypto Spring.” This unique tariff features a 30-day loan term, and an astounding 90% loan to value ratio (LTV).

For example, if you want to put 50,000 XLM up for collateral, you will get a cash loan (USD or EUR) that’s allows you to immediately get 45,000 additional XLM.


Some of you might be asking what is a loan to value ratio? (LTV). Simply put, an LTV is an indicator that represents the size of a loan in comparison to the value of the asset securing the loan (AKA collateral). We, as a lending provider, need it for risk management reasons.

The standard rate for LTV amongst crypto lending platform looks to be around 35%-55%. That means if you put up 1 BTC as collateral, you are only receiving about 50% of its value in return.

Currently, you won’t find a 90% LTV anywhere else. So head on over to YouHodler.com today to capitalize on this special offer right now.

Get MORE cash so you can buy MORE crypto!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!