A Comprehensive Review of YouHodler’s Loan Options (and Which One is For You)

A Comprehensive Review of YouHodler’s Loan Options (and Which One is For You)

A few months ago, we shared an article on the YouHodler blog briefly outlining our three tariff options. But since our user base is growing steadily, we thought it was time to revisit this topic and go into more detail. So let’s go through each one to outline the various benefits they offer for crypto HODlers.


To start off, let’s examine our “Quick Cash” tariff option. As the name suggests, this option is for the person who simply needs some cash as quickly and as much as possible. For this tariff, we offer an eight-day loan term, industry best loan to value ratio of 80%, 5% interest and a price down limit of -15.0%. This is a great entry-level way to see how efficient our platform is and potentially set yourself up for a longer term loan in the future.

For those concerned about the margin call level here, do not worry. It’s a key fact to point out, in the case of a margin call, users are not forced to pay back their loan. You can just keep your money, no need to return to us. Furthermore, it’s promising news that we haven’t seen a drop over 17% since November and 15% since December. Sure, the market isn’t amazing right now but more or less, it’s been relatively stable.


For those looking for a little more of a commitment, then the “Anti-Crisis” tariff is the one for you. This 50-day loan term offers a loan-value ratio of 60%, an interest rate of 7% and a price down limit of -33%. Having a longer loan period gives you a little more flexibility.

We like to advertise this tariff option as one for professional crypto traders. Professional crypto traders exist deep within the market. They are constantly monitoring exchange rates and market volatility. Therefore, this option gives them the most flexibility. If the market is suddenly showing negative movement, then a trader has two options:

a) Quickly pay back their loan, receive their crypto and capitalize on the situation.
b) Simply don’t pay for a loan, keep fiat and probably buy the same crypto on the market at a lower price.

Alternatively, if the market spikes quickly, they can immediately request a loan to buy more crypto and profit from the growth.

This option has all the best features of our tariffs but we recommend it for professionals. These traders understand the risk of the crypto market. It’s extremely volatile and sometimes, we don’t always win. So as with anything involving crypto, one should understand the risks before getting involved.


Hodlers are the most patient of the crypto bunch. For that reason, they will particularly love our 3rd and final tariff, the “Hodler’s Favorite.” With a long, 120 days loan term, this option lets Hodlers do what they do best. Further details include a 55% loan-to-value ratio, 13% interest and price down limit of -32%.

Through our experience, we have found this option to be particularly attractive to crypto miners. Miners like to borrow for long periods of time. In many ways, miners are the ultimate HODLer. They are in no rush to sell their crypto and do not monitor each and every bump of the market. Ideally, crypto miners just want to keep their business in operation and maximize their earnings.

Therefore, this option is great for miners who need money to repair their mining hardware, pay business expenses or just need for time to wait for the market to improve. For countries like Venezuela, where electricity is basically free, it’s much easier to turn a profit as a crypto miner. But when the market is down (like it is now) and they need money, then they turn to crypto lending platforms for cash.


Bear markets don’t have to be about losing money. Instead of panic selling and losing your crypto, people use YouHodler to hedge their portfolio with more stable assets. Just as one would buy car insurance, you can use YouHodler in the same fashion. Alternatively, there are people who bought BTC back in 2016 and 2017 that never sold. They are in love with their investment and believe it will succeed someday. Yet, in the meantime they need cash. A loan with us protects your investment while giving you the funds to operate in our society.

In all market conditions, our three tariff options are accessible and useful for different crypto enthusiasts. But even if you feel limited by these three options, we offer custom loans that suit your specific needs.

In addition, we will be adding more tariff options down the road. Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on what you’d like to see on our platform.  Come say “hi” on our Telegram channel (@youhodler) and sure to visit us at Youhodler.com today.